a.) Velocity Wear Protector

32 oz. -Velocity is a new generation oil additive that reduces friction by treating the metal rather than changing the properties of the lubricant. Velocity Wear Protector is a new concept oil additive that uses the polar aspect of the active ions in its formulation to form an extremely strong high TBN high elasticity film that is almost impossible to break or penetrate between the surfaces.

Velocity was designed for use in any mechanical system that utilizes hydrodynamic, elasto-hydrodynamic or boundary lubricating states. It reduces friction which reduces heat and has wetting agents to increase the lubricant's ability to carry away heat.

Velocity contains no Chlorinated Paraffins, Chlorinated Alpha-Olefins, Halides of any sort, Teflon, Moly or other metals, Calcium, Phosphates, Sulfides, Disulfides or the any of the historic and typical chemicals and petro solovents found in most of todays additives. Velocity is truly the most advanced antiwear and extreme pressure additive available today.


*Boosts Power

*Increases Horsepower and Compression

*Alleviates Wear at Start Up

*Provides Increased Fuel Economy

Velocity can be used in:

Motors, Transmissions, Differentials, Rear Ends, Transfer Case, Roller and Ball Bearings, Hydraulics, Two Stroke, Guns, Machine Tools and in virtually any metal lubricating system.

Typical use in an automotive/truck crankcase requires treatment every 30,000 miles not every oil change.

Ships in 32 oz. bottle. Treats up to 11 gal. of lubricant. (Also available in 16 oz. bottle for 2 cars or pick-ups or 8 oz. which treats 1 vehicle or other smaller applications @ 1-1.5 oz. per qt of lubricant oil.)

Available in bulk. (call) For more product information on Velocity products go to www. VelocityOil.com (here)

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a.) Velocity Wear Protector
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